Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Jenny the Hamster

Stardate 58122.9 (12-29-2004)
Rachel finally got the hamster (who she calls Jenny) out of the cage and into her little ball. I have to admit Rachel is taking good care of it. The little thing likes to run around a lot. She was getting a little bored in the cage, I guess. I have no experience with hamsters, so I have no idea what they like to do. She does seem to like confined spaces. It must be a need to hide. She is also not bothered by the cat, which surprised me.

Work has been busy, which is surprising for this week. Usually it's a little boring. The are a lot of issues still in my queue. Some of them are a complex, and are taking time.

Carl Stark sent me a link to a Sci-Fi story that says Arthur C. Clarke and his family are ok. I finally sent him some stuff he has been asking for.

The toll in South Asia for the tsunamis is staggering. News reports are saying this might be the largest natural disaster ever. One 11 year old girl from Utah is missing in Thailand. There were a few amateur videos posted that showed the waves. It was incredible. For me, it's hard to imagine what that was like, or what they are going though now. I feel sorry for them.

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Monday, December 27, 2004

Stardate 58122.7 (12-27-2004)
Natural disasters tax aid and relief agencies. I wonder how good the response will be for the scope of the quake and tsunamis in Southeast Asia and India. Sri Lanka was the hardest hit from the reports I have seen. I have only heard of the island as the home of Arthur C. Clarke (2001: A Space Odyssey among many other achievement s) With the toll at 23,000 at the time I write, and likely to go higher, I wonder if he survived.

I work with a few Indians. I have not heard of anyone with family in the affected areas. I thought one of them told me his family was closer to the west.

I returned to work after having the week before Christmas off. Not much has happened, but as expected, the place is pretty much deserted. The cubes around me are all occupied, however.

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Sunday, December 26, 2004

Christmas 2004

Stardate 58122.6 (12-26-2004)
Pretty accurate, in my opinion.

Your Christmas is Most Like: A Christmas Story

Loving, fun, and totally crazy.
Don't shoot your eye out!

Your Christmas is Most Like: A Christmas Story

Loving, fun, and totally crazy.
Don't shoot your eye out!

What Movie is Your Christmas Like?

I hope everyone had a good Christmas. Ours was good, if a little sad. Rachel, who for almost all her life could not sleep Christmas Eve, figured out the secret behind Santa. Rumors had already been going around class. I suppose I am not ready for my little girl to be a young woman. But the choice is not up to me, and she is doing great. The bright side is that next Christmas Eve will not be so stressfull, since the boys have no problem sleeping.

Christmas Eve day we went to the Hardware Ranch near Logan to ride a wagon and see the elk. Rachel and Patrick got to sit up front with the driver, which they thought was pretty cool. Patrick was his usual animated self, asking lots of questions. Thomas initially didn't want to go, but once on the wagon, he thought it was great. We had planned to go see the lights in Ogden, but the wagon ride was cold, and everyone wanted to get warmed up.

Christmas morning the kids did not get up until 7! This has to be the latest since Rachel was a toddler. Rachel received Zodiac Girl dolls, Polly Pocket, and music CDs. The boys presents were more Imaginext castle sets, GI Joe action figures, and Poke'mon figures and cards. I followed April's advice from last year and got her some impractical gifts: perfume and the like. I got The Return of the King and TNG season 5 on DVD, and a laser level. I'm not much of a handyman, but I have learned the value of tools over the last ten years. I use the old bubble level a lot, but the laser one has hands free mode (it can stick to a wall), and it can be as long as I need.

The kids all received new personalized banks. Rachel, however, may need to open a bank account. She takes after my side of the family in the respect that she saves and saves.

I also received a few letters with the cards this year. It's good to catch up on what friends are doing, especially those that I have not talked to in a while.

The season is past the halfway point. One more birthday and a New Year's Eve party are left. If anyone wonders why I sometimes seem to disappear, it's because there are six birthdays as well as the holidays between Thanksgiving and New Years. This keeps us busy.

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Thursday, December 23, 2004


Stardate 58122.4 (12-24-2004)
Changes, changes. I fixed a few things on the blogs page. Bruce Eckel moved his blogs, as did Ahoyhoy. I added Dani Hancock along with her RSS feed. I am a bit puzzled by LiveJournal. The blogs have an RSS feed, but there is no link or graphic to tell you. Firefox detects it, however, and I can grab the link from there.

Thomas and I watched the animated version of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas". I've probably mentioned this before, but I always liked it. I figured out a few years ago that I liked most of the cartoons that Chuck Jones had done. He always did the expressions very well.

Christmas shopping is almost done. I did a few deliveries tonight, and I have one more tomorrow.

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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Stardate 58122.4 (12-24-2004)
Changes, changes. I fixed a few things on the blogs page. Bruce Eckel moved his blogs, as did Ahoyhoy. I added Dani Hancock along with her RSS feed. I am a bit puzzled by LiveJournal. The blogs have an RSS feed, but there is no link or graphic to tell you. Firefox detects it, however, and I can grab the link from there.

Thomas and I watched the animated version of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas". I've probably mentioned this before, but I always liked it. I figured out a few years ago that I liked most of the cartoons that Chuck Jones had done. He always did the expressions very well.

Christmas shopping is almost done. I did a few deliveries tonight, and I have one more tomorrow.

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Amazing Race, The Polar Express Movie

Stardate 58122.2 (12-22-2004)
Kind of a strange Amazing Race. The teams did not reach a pit stop. The videos on the web site promised they would talk about it, but didn't. It was intentional, though. The team from Utah was eliminated a couple of weeks ago, and my next favorite, the pro wrestlers, are way behind.

We went to see "The Polar Express" today. It was a good movie, with some action and a nice storyline. Obviously, there was far more than the book. Tom Hanks did a great job. The animation was top of the line. I think in a short while it will be impossible to tell live actors from animated ones.

I'm still waiting in line to read "His Excellency". I am trying to decide if I really want to read the book. George Washington is one of my favorite historical figures. He is the only one who walked away from power. A comment in one blog I read complained that all sorts of books keep coming out about famous people and the dirt associated with them. Lewis Carrol was a pedophile. Others were gay, or slavers, or something else. I guess we forget they were human. I would think you don't want to know about the bad, but just try to emulate the good. Isn't that the purpose of heros? To give the rest of us a standard to reach for?

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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Rachel's birthday Age 8

Stardate 58122.1 (12-21-2004)
Rachel, Thomas, and I went out last night to get Rachel's birthday present: a hamster. We bought the cage and accessories a few weeks back so that everything was ready. Rachel was excited; she has been looking forward to this for months. Events kind of conspire to work out for the good, I think. We have a cat and dog. We used to have another cat, but we had to give him away because Patrick is allergic to cat hair. The other one is old and spends most of her time sleeping. Rachel would not have been able to get the hamster if we had both cats because the male was an accomplished hunter. I've see the female try to catch mice the male brought home, but she has no clue about what to do. She took a couple of looks at the cage, but apparently she decided it's too much effort. The dog could care less.

I took Rachel and her friends to Park City to go snow tubing. It was very cold, but they loved it. I don't mind cold that much, but I was thankful I remembered to bring a cap. No gloves, but I just stuck my hands in my pockets. The cold helped the tubing, because people were zooming down the slope. I kind of understand why they require a wavier. Sometimes someone didn't quite make it to the end, and sometimes they got slammed by someone behind them. On little boy got whacked hard by his father. 

We had cake and presents in the warming yurt. Rachel had a soccer game at 4:15, but it started to snow as we left. It took about 50 minutes to get to Park City, and about 100 to get back. She missed the game, but I think she would rather have the party anyway. 

Rachel on the left, Cortnee in the black and yellow coat, right of her is Melissa Benjamen and her mother, Britnee, Audra, and Liz.

I finished reading the the predecessor to "The DaVinci Code", "Angels and Demons". This is also a good book. So far, I have liked every book I have read written by Dan Brown. The guy sitting next to me on the plane was reading "Digital Fortress". There is one more book of his that I know about and have not read. It will have to be next on my list.

Fixed a bug in the Perl script that was generating these pages. Perl, like a lot of languages, counts the months starting with January = 0 instead of 1. I knew that, I just forgot to add one when it wrote the standard date.

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Monday, December 20, 2004

Christmas Train

Stardate 58122.0 (12-20-2004)

 In front of the engine.

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Catching up on things, slowly but surely. We been working on some refinancing, and a person came over to our house yesterday to sign the final papers. We got a better interest rate on the loan than what we had, so the monthly payments are less. We will need to refinance again in three years, but experts say you should do that anyway.

Last Wednesday, Rachel, Thomas, and I went on the Heber Valley Railroad’s Christmas Train. April and Patrick came down with a cold, and couldn’t go. We got to the station just as the train pulled up. We’ve ridden it in the past, and my kids were always scared of the noise and steam. Thomas was fascinated this time. They served cookies and hot chocolate, sung Christmas carols, and they read “The Polar Express”. The train only goes a few miles now. Back when it was the Heber Creeper, I remember it used to go all the way to Bridal Veil Falls. My understanding is that much of that track has become unsafe, and it is too expensive to maintain it.

I personally have always loved steam engines. My grandfather worked for the Great Northern Railroad, and he was an engineer for a while. I had a model railroad as a kid. I worked for hours at a time on the track layout, electrical systems, and town. It wasn’t as good as the ones you see in the magazines, but it was mine. The hobby has dropped in popularity due to video games. On the other hand, the Internet had made far more resources available. I don’t have room in my house, and I don’t have the time, but maybe someday I’ll build one again.

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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Java Log

Stardate 58121.8 (12-18-2004)
Reading an entry from The Bitter Villager about Java-Log, the first thought that came to mind is this is another online programming site. That was followed up by the fact that this person is not a programmer, so it could not be. Indeed, it's a fireplace log. I just found it interesting that I tend to look at the word Java, and immediately think of the language, and not coffee.

I made a few more fixes in the log entry. The return characters needed to be translated into HTML. I will need to do some other translations as well, but for now I just won't use the characters. Carl Stark wrote in his blog that he thought some people put too much effort into blogging. Since I had detailed the process I went through, I figured that one was about me. A quick email confirmed it. Not that I mind, as I have encountered that opinion before. I love to construct new things, be they programs, castles with my boys, or changes to the house. I could just blog to one of the free bloggers, but they don't do exactly what I want to do, and I have fun doing things this way.

I also discovered through Carl that some friends are now blogging, so my list of frequently read is growing.

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Friday, December 17, 2004


Stardate 58121.7 (12-17-2004)
Apologies for the long time between entries. Pressure from work and holiday events have conspired to eat away all my time. I have, however, made some progress. The web based log entry system is up and running (except for updating the RSS feed, but I am close on that). The Welcome page has been redone, although there is no visible difference. The change is that the recent list of updates and the Updates page come from the same source, which frees me from having to move stuff from page to page. The log entry page will add itself to the list on the Welcome page. It adds the font and style sheet markers automatically. There remains quite a bit I could do, and I will, but at least I have the basic stuff in.

During all this, I read a few blog entries about how much time some people are spending in front of the computer. It always seems ironic to me. The computer was supposed to free you, not chain you to it. I try to combat this by setting up script files to automatically take care of routine tasks. For example, as soon as I am done with a change for a program at work, the server is updated, programs are recompiled, and the tester environment is updated. I spend almost no time transfering files and compiling.

Speaking of the job, I talked to a number of people, and I will be moving to web development. I need a replacement, though, so if you have C programming experience, UNIX experience, Oracle SQL experience, and Visual Studio experience, there is a job opening. I am involved in the hiring process, so I don't think I am eligible for the referral fee.

April went to Anahiem last week to train on an instrument. The end of the week was our tenth wedding anniversary. So she arranged for someone to take the kids, and I flew down on Friday. There was no agenda, we did whatever came to mind, and we slept in. It was great.

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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Busy Time

Stardate 58112.8 (11-28-2004)
Yeah, yeah. It's been exactly twenty days since the last entry. There have been a number of reasons. The first is that I decided the process has become complex and time consuming, so I am changing it. From the user point of view nothing will change. The way it used to work is that I would type an entry, update the welcome page, update the menu to refer to the new entry, update the RSS feed, and possibly update the Updates page. Each new entry requires cutting and pasting of formatting code. I did fix the need to update the menu. The problem was that it didn't like not having a file name passed to it, because I was initializing a variable to an empty string instead of undefined. Then I changed the script to sort the list of entries from lowest to highest, and if a specific file is not passed to the script, it loads the last one from the list. (Using a stardate as the name helps with sorting, as standard date formats require more complex sort algorithms.) Now there is no need to update the menu unless I add an item to it. The welcome page is a little more complicated, since there are a few elements mixed in that get changed. The plan is to put a PHP script in it, which will read from the updates file, and grab the first ten items.  The favorites list is also a trick, but I also have an idea about how to get it working.

Another issue with this is that I could only update from my desktop. When I get home from work, more and more often I don't want to head to the basement and get back on the computer. I do have some free time at work, so doing log entries from the web makes more sense. I am still working on this one.
Next, I installed Firefox. I like the tabs, especially the fact I can set the Home page to multiple tabs. It also has RSS integrated. The problem here is that it does not recognize mine. I am still working on why. This has slowed the web based log entry, since I want that page to update the feed for each new entry. Perl has a module to build RSS files. I have all the old entries converted. I have not yet abandoned IE, because there are a couple of areas where Firefox does not work yet. The Real video segments on the Amazing Race pages are one. It won't let me select anything but the pre-race interviews. 

Another reason is that I have been sick on and off for the last few weeks. Nothing much, just a stuffy head or sore throat. It does exhaust me, though. 
Yet another reason is that work has been busy. We have a few new clients, so that means some custom work to do. Because of this, the number of issues is at an all time high. Last Monday was reorganization again. The guy who was assisting me is now my boss. I don't mind that. I didn't go for the job, because it would be in conflict with my goal of putting my family first. The last guy who had it described it as going to one meeting and getting beat up about one issue, then going to the next to get beat up about something else. When I am put under that type of stress I tend to get short with my wife and kids, and regret it. I do wonder, however, if this is the right thing to do. You're supposed to climb the corporate ladder, right? I read a long time ago that software developers who did not were eventually left behind by new technology and younger employees. That does worry me.

The reorg did upset me. I had a number of conversations with the last guy about doing web work, and he kept telling me everyone on the team would get to do it. The reorg split the web developers into their own group, so my chances of doing anything with the web are zero. I did go to the head of the group to ask to be considered for any open positions. It's worth a shot.

Today I am 40 years old. I had thought about doing a bit about things I have learned, or some sort of retrospective. The past, however, is done. I see no point in rehashing it. The flaws I see in myself in years past are still there. I don't see making any changes that would cure them. I don't have a desire for a two seat sports car, or quitting my job and taking off to the tropics, or any other dramatic change. I am the same as I was.

Which, to be honest with myself, is where I have always wanted to be.

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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Visual Studio Express, The Incredibles

Stardate 58110.8 (11-08-2004)
Being able to program a computer has advantages. I have been entering data into a database for some research I am doing. In the last three weeks, I managed to get a quarter of the way through gathering it off the web. I decided this was taking much too long, so I put a webbot together to grab the pages I needed. This took all of fifteen minutes. Another two hours was needed to find the common elements of the data I wanted, and have the bot sift for them. In less than 10 minutes it had gathered the other three quarters of the info, and updated the database. The effort was quick and dirty, and could have been done better (using regular expressions to do the parsing, and automatic updating of the pages to retrieve are a couple of things that come to mind). However, it saved a lot of time and effort in entering the data by hand.

This was my first serious foray with Visual Studio C# Express. The environment is not bad, but I am annoyed that the key mappings for things like compiling and going to errors are different from the C++ edition. I also tried to have it generate the database update statements, which it claimed it did, but I could not find where it put them. It’s a beta product, so I am not sure if this is a bug, or just ignorance on my part. I am thinking the latter.

The family went to see The Incredibles Friday. It was an ok movie; something of a mix of James Bond, the movies where the guy is looking everywhere but his family for fulfillment (sorry, can’t think of any titles), and various superhero movies. Pixar was of course impressive with the animation. Some of the social commentary was unusual for animated films (“When everybody is special, no one will be”). I found myself wondering when it would be over, so it was not that compelling. The kids loved it.

The string of daily entries came to an end Friday as well. There are just too many other things going on to keep it up.

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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Mulan DVD

Stardate 58110.4 (11-04-2004)
We purchased the Mulan Special Edition DVD. Mulan is my favorite Disney movie. It came out when Rachel was 2 ½. She had been to a few movies before, but this one stuck with her for a long time. She saw it four times in the theatre. The second time I took her by myself. I can still picture the night. We went on a Friday night. Rachel had been looking forward to it for the whole week. At the movie, she told me not to be scared, but the bad guy was coming. I must have acted out scenes with her for the next six months. I have to admit, I still love the scene of the Hun army coming over the pass. I still laugh at parts.

The special edition had a few deleted scenes, and some music videos. It does have a trailer for Mulan II, which is due out in 2005. The other extras seem to point out that they creators had a hard time with the beginning. They had five, but I liked the one they ended up with. The videos included a version of “Make a Man Out of You” sung by Jackie Chan in Chinese as he swings a quarterstaff around. Not really interesting.

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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Rome: Total War

Stardate 58110.3 (11-03-2004)
Rome: Total War, the demo version, was loaded tonight. The interface took a little getting used to, but it seems to be a good game. All you can do in the demo is a tutorial, and the Battle of Trebia. This is supposed to be an easy battle, but I found it a little intimidating due to the number of units you need to control. You get to be Hannibal in his second meet up with the Romans. All in all this looks to be a fun game. 

This is the game engine used in for the battle scenes in Decisive Battles. I am a little miffed that this was moved off of Sunday at 9 PM to Friday at 7 PM. One of the great mysteries of life is why every show I want to watch comes on at the same time. In this case we have the aforementioned Decisive Battles, Joan of Arcadia, and Star Trek: Enterprise. And it's not like I watch that many. Dish Network came out with a built in recorder for their satellite receivers this year. It seems like a good idea except that they only record one show at a time. That doesn't help me.

They are coming out with a new version of Pirates! this month. I used to play the old version on the Amiga computer when it came out in the mid 80’s. The basic idea is still there, but they have updated the graphics and game play. The site does not have a demo, which makes me a little upset. I'd like to try the game out. 

Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Stardate 58110.2 (11-02-2004)
Following the election returns on MSN, I found this paragraph:
"All 435 seats in the House of Representatives, where Republicans hold a 227-205 edge over the Republicans, with one Democratic-leaning independent and two vacancies in Republican-held seats, also were up for election."
I had to read this three times before I started to laugh. Are the Democrats now in such a minority that the Republicans need to divide themselves? In the rush to get news out, I guess they missed correcting this.

Patrick caught strep, so I stayed home today. This is getting to be a trend. I didn't get over to vote until 6 PM. I had planned on waiting a while, but when I got there, the district I was in had no one there. The other district had a line out the door. I took the boys with me as Rachel had a soccer game. We were in and out in 8 minutes. Thomas ask me when I was going to vote as we left. I chuckled and told him that was it, I was done. I've since found out that locally, almost nothing I voted on went the way I voted. Amendment 1 was the only one that passed I voted for. I did vote for the incumbent for House of Representatives. Strange, though, I didn't used to have such a liberal outlook.

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Monday, November 01, 2004


Stardate 58110.1 (11-01-2004)
Predicting the future is favorite pastime for a lot of people. Nostradamus, Edgar Casey, and many other people are famous for it. Science fiction is partly based on this, and especially predicting changing in technology. I am always reminded of a commercial that aired in 2000. It starred Avery Brooks, and it started with him saying, “It’s the year 2000. Where are the flying cars? I was PROMISED flying cars!” This little collection from John Elfreth Watkins in 1900 was fun to read. My grandfather, who worked on the railroad his whole life, supposedly echoed prediction #7. Sadly, he did live to see air travel supplant rail travel. Some of the predictions that looked good thankfully did not come to pass. 

Prediction #11 sort of hit me as na├»ve. Fish, birds, and other animals consume mosquitoes and flies. Without them, the ecology as we know it would collapse. The main concern with them is that they spread disease. That is the problem I think he was trying to address.  

I am not any better. I would have thought that telecommuting would have been much bigger than it is, and I thought the World Wide Web was a pretty neat idea, but I had no clue it would be as successful as it was.

There are a couple of urban legends going around about the Presidential election. One is that if the Washington Redskins lose at home, the incumbent will also lose. The Redskins lost this weekend. The other is that because the Boston Red Sox won the World Series and the Democratic National Convention was held in Boston, it means John Kerry will win. Urban Legends has another tongue in cheek page about this.  

This week will probably tell.

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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Stardate 58103.1 (10-31-2004)
Halloween went much better this year. The weather was a little cold, and it sprinkled a bit, but no snow. The kid’s buckets were filled with candy. Thomas had a hard time. He had fallen asleep before we left to go to a friend of a friends’ house. He was still tired, and just did not have as much fun as the rest. The kids went to at least 25 houses. Rachel, her friend, and her friends little sister lasted the longest.

When we got home around 8, there were not a lot of houses in the neighborhood with people home. I think we made the right choice. The kids had fun, and they got lots of candy. I put the pictures together in a photo story, as Microsoft calls it. The released a beta version of a new tool to build a slideshow of pictures with music, notes, and commentary. I am going to try using it, since I have not be satisfied with my efforts at scrap booking.

I carved the pumpkins with the kids on Friday. Patrick’s pumpkin, the one we grew in the back year, weighed 52.5 pounds. He got on the scale, and he weighed the same. Just to make sure the scale was not stuck, I got on it and so did Rachel. It was not stuck. Ah, the strange coincidences you find in life. Rachel had a haunted house on hers, Patrick a spider and a pirate skull, and Thomas a cat. 

It's nice to be off of Daylight Savings. The kids do not have to go to school in the dark.

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Friday, October 29, 2004

Science Day

Stardate 58102.9 (10-29-2004)

Rachel and Patrick went to Science Day at school on Tuesday. It sounded pretty interesting. Rachel’s comment when I picked her up was that we needed to move because we were in an earthquake zone and all the houses were built on sand. She eventually got onto some of the other things they showed the kids. Electricity was one, including what sounded like a Van De Graff generator, and other static electricity devices. Patrick primarily talked about the cars they had set up do demonstrate pedestrian rules. He was apparently ticketed while both driving a car and walking.

I spent most of the week working from home because the van developed problems. While driving it on surface streets, the engine would just quit. If you shifted back into neutral, the car would start right back up. The repair shop traced the problem down to some frayed connectors to the main computer. But with a gallon of regular gas now costing over $2, I’m not complaining.
The Amazing Race 6 starts November 16. The number of TV shows worth watching is adding up.

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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

More Models

Stardate 58102.7 (10-27-2004)

Carl Stark was kind enough to send me an ADVOT (ADVanced Officer Training) sheet for the Klingon cruiser Patrick, Thomas, and I are building. I found out there is also a Cub Scout badge for model building, although I don't know what the details are for it. We haven't had a chance to work on it again, but there is more bad weather in the forecast, and it is UEA weekend. All that's left is the detail painting, and the decals. I did repair my model of the U.S.S. Enterprise from the movies. Thomas really likes this one, and I have to admit being proud of it myself.

(click for a larger image)

We went to the Classic Fun Center on Monday. Davis Hospital picked up the tab. The boys and I played a game of laser tag, and they went on the inflatable playground.  Rachel climbed the wall, and then went skating for a while. I was impressed that Patrick wanted to try. He didn't get far, but it was only his first time. He does want to try again.

I finally fixed the Visitors page. Apache is evidently sensitive to the permissions on a file. The one that generates the calendar here was correct, and that gave me the clue I needed. 

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Sunday, October 24, 2004

Model Building

Stardate 58102.4 (10-24-2004)

Patrick and I started the Klingon cruiser Saturday. The weather was ok, if cold, for his last game. The rain started about an hour later, and continued through the day. I found to my chagrin that there was no instructions. Somewhere in the three or four moves over the last twenty years they got lost. It's a simple model, so no big deal. We started painting it today. Both Patrick and Thomas are excited about it, more than I thought they would be. Model building is a slow process. I snapped a few pictures of them painting this morning. Click for the larger image.

Wow, I found a blog for someone with similar tastes in TV watching. He watches The Amazing Race, Decisive Battles, & Enterprise, to name a few. Speaking of the last two, I missed the first half of Enterprise on Friday, so I am going to record it tonight. Decisive Battles is showing the Battle of the Teutoberger Forest, titled "Herman the German".  Tonight is a good night for TV.

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