Monday, July 09, 2012

The Good Times

I like that blogging is passé now. I can write about things and nobody will read them although I should keep in mind it’s still public.

As I write this, a hawk is circling outside my backyard. It screams every 30 seconds, at what I do not know.

Browsing in Google Reader, I noticed a theme in several entries. Yes, I still use an RSS reader, mainly for comics since I no longer get a newspaper. Personal blogs are no longer updated, though, and I can’t keep up with tech news anymore. Anyway, in one comic a daughter tells her dad she would like to be like him when she gets old. He replies that he is not old. She uses as proof that he remembers a time before the Internet and that he refers to it as good. Another artist put a video together where his 12 year old self makes a video tape in 1992 to be watched 20 years later. His 32 year old self wonders what he did before the Internet. His 12 year old self holds up drawings and the 32 year old remembers it fondly.

This is the obsession that the past was better. I’m not immune to it, but I do analyze it and list the pros and cons.

In 1992 I still read comics. They came from a newspaper and I was at the mercy of the publisher as to which ones I read. Bloom County came to an end in 1989, and the local paper did not pick up Outland. I pick the comics I read now. A couple, Irregular Webcomic and Starslip, have come to an end. I am sad about that, but I will survive.

In 1992 I could still look forward to a new episode of Star Trek on TV and would continue to do so for another decade. I can’t say there is much in the way of Sci-Fi on TV that I would watch. I can still watch reruns of Star Trek either by recording them or just streaming them from a service. There are lots of other shows to watch and I record everything and watch it when I want.

Mom and Dad were alive. I miss them now but there are always memories.

For me, music reached a peak in the 80’s and 90’s but I remember being very frustrated that the radio stations only played a selection of about ten songs. I love the music of ‘Rock of Ages’. The upside is now I just buy them from ITunes. I don’t have to wait for them to come on a ‘classic’ radio station or search a collection of CDs. The fascination does wear off.

In 1992, I was by myself. I have a wife and kids now. Now I’m always with people who love me.

It was interesting that the guy in the video had to watch his 12 year old self on VHS tape. I do have a VHS player anymore. It was a good idea, though. I wonder what I would say to myself now from then.

I will close by mentioning I was 27 in 1992.