Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I finished watching the last DVD of Voyagers! I remember watching them when it first aired. The show had some cheesy elements to it typical of the 1980s but was well done. Some of the history is also wrong, but in general they did okay. It was fun to watch. It’s sad that it only lasted one season. I don’t think it ever showed in syndication. At least I finally got to see the episodes I missed when it was broadcast.

There were no extras on the DVDs, either There were some nice detail shots of the omni time travel device. I always thought whoever thought of it was pretty bright. It seemed like a simple, unobtrusive device to use for traveling through time. I also like the detail of the time travel itself. The characters were always dressed in whatever clothes they were wearing when the omni was triggered. No stock shots except for the last episode. I guess they knew at that time there was not going to be a second season.

I also bought a DVD of A More Perfect Union: America Becomes A Nation. It's a really good story of the Constitutional Convention especially considering it was from BYU :). Shot on location with excellent acting. I highly recommend it.

Netflix has decided to not split their DVD service off into a separate company. I am not sure how it would help except to make it easier to phase out the discs. Not everything is available for streaming, though. Case and point the above. I prefer streaming, but still want to watch things like this.

Friday, October 07, 2011

Pick up soccer games

Every Sunday for the past month or so the boys and I have go to the local soccer complex to play a pick up game for about two hours. Sometimes I have only one of two adusts, other times there there are three or four or more. The first time I played I was out of breath halfway through the game. For the next few games my legs and feet hurt so bad I could barely walk for days afterward. Slowly it's been getting better. I am not a good player, but I do have fun.