Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Context Switch

April is out of town. Her mother went in the hospital a week and a half ago for an appendectomy. The surgery moved a hernia up against her esophagus so she can't swallow. April has been in New Orleans for the past week, and will be there until Halloween at least.

Thomas was in a tournament last week. The did not do too bad, tying one game and losing the second. This still got them in the quarter finals, which left me in a quandary. If they win, we come back again Friday. It's a big deal because the tourny is in West Jordan, about 44 miles from school in Ogden. Not far, but an hour and a quarter with rush hour traffic. MapQuest sent me down I-15 and across 4700 South, which I should have known was a bad route. The second day I was a little smarter in getting there. The team lost the quarter final game, so the kids and I got to stay home Friday evening. I took my dad with us, and we went out to eat after. He didn't understand the game, but he had fun with Rachel.

Patrick was invited to a Halloween party at a friends house Saturday. He got to ride in a limo from Smith's at 40th and Harrison to about 5600 South. He said the the party was fun, although the mother asked me "Are you coming to pick up you precious child?", which left me wondering what he had done.

Rachel was invited to Thriller with on of her friends Saturday as well. She said it was good, but the little brother of her friend kept calling the zombies over and they scared her.

I finish off 'Little Tiny Teeth'. Not my favorite of the series. I am almost finished with 'Emperor: The Gods Of War'. Interesting book, although the author has a very rosy view of Julius Caesar. Patrick has read all the Harry Potter books. He was looking at 'Emperor', but he needs a biography and not fiction.

End of Entry