Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Forced Perspective

I love to hear other's perspectives on things. I often ask for them in Facebook comments. The past few weeks have brought some interesting views. The BNSF railroad runs though Scottbluff and there are five railroad crossings. A few weeks ago they closed four of them. At least one was in bad need of repair. This sent a lot of people into ranting, like (WARNING: PICTURES OF DEAD ANIMALS) Rich here. I found it annoying that the signs telling you the crossing were closed were not very obvious. Beyond that, it was a minor inconvenience. Coming from Layton, Utah, where I could sit through five light changes at some intersections this time of year and barely move, there was not that much extra traffic through the one functional crossing. All of them except the one in bad need of repair are open now.

As far as being like Katie Bradshaw, Rich, we already have her posting pictures of Farmer's Markets. I don't see the need for another one. Not that Katie is bad. I liked reading about her education on guns. It's good to see other people's point of view. I've never heard the term 'Smells like money'. Again back in Layton we lived just south of an Air Force base. The noise of the F-16s causes some to complain and other to reply that's the 'Sound of Freedom'. By the way, an F-22 (it has a distinctive diamond shape) passing over one day had a 'Sound of Freedom' that rattled the windows. That's progress for you.

One final note to myself. If the squirrel in my neighborhood ever succeeds in it's quest to be part of Rich's blog on road kill, I need to make sure to send the photo. So far it's 0 and 3 since September. It apparently didn't consider my excellent reflexes honed from years of video games.