Tuesday, March 03, 2009

One season down

Indoor soccer is over. Patrick's team ended up in third place, losing out to a girls team and a La Roca team. Not bad overall. Thomas's team did not win at all, but he did get a few goals, so he is happy. They did win a few futsol games, and they still have a couple more to go.


Basketball has one more tournament in Pocatello (March 20-22). Patrick missed the first game of the tournament last week, and sat on the bench the next game. I was a little upset over it, because I have yet to see him play (although he has played), and I felt he didn't really want to. For the final game, the coach put him in the fourth period with the score 15-17 in our favor. He played the whole period, and the final score was 15-25. The opponent, Rowland Hall, did not get a single basket. He was in the face of each player who had the ball. They were forced to take long shots, and the very tall point guard got most of the rebounds.


Rachel has been busy with Girl Scouts, either helping other scouts or learning to be a counselor. Her top braces are off, and the results are stunning. She spent the last two months working on her science project. It was about the effects of color on memory. I thought she did well, but one of the judges (a high school boy) thought she did it at the last minute and marked her down. She seems to have had fun with it.

End of Entry