Monday, March 03, 2008

Thomas's birthday

Stardate 61030.3
Patrick's team lost thier game Thursday. Part of the problem is the keeper doesn't want the position anymore. Patrick was black carded (two minutes out of the game) at the end for slamming another player into the wall. It was not intentional, he was keeping his eyes on the ball and ran into the kid. I think the ref knew that, but the rules are clear.

Thomas had dinner at Golden Corral, and then home to open his presents. He had been asking everyone he could think of if they knew where his mom hid them, incuding his teacher. April got him the same cake that he wanted to get at the cub scout aution, so he had a good birthday.

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Danielle said...

So what was the cake he wanted?!

Haylee always wants a homemade cake, Adam wants rice krispies, the little ones don't care as long as they can make a mess!

TMadden said...

It was an American flag made from cupcakes. I don't think it was the cake itself so much as the toy soldier with the bazooka. He just eats the frosting anyway.

Danielle said...

LOL Sounds like the girls.. they LOVE the frosting.. the cake.. well it's kind of just there!