Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Soccer and Scouts

Stardate 61031.2
Thomas has another indoor game yesterday, although I was not able to go April got to see it. She has not seen many of his games, and apparently he did not do well in this one. She said he mainly stood around, and made quite a few mistakes. I know he is at the bottom as far as skill level for the team, but he usually tries hard. He could benefit from some individual training, but the time to do that is hard to come by. April is questioning if he is on the right team, and I am as well. He enjoys playing, though, and there is not much we can change at the moment.

Patrick had cub scouts. He painted a design on a fish, and then transfered it to a t-shirt. It all went quickly and we got done with scout early.

Grades should be out soon. I'm interested in Rachels' because she has been struggling lately.

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