Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Account Management

Stardate 61031.8
I've been spending much of my free (and not so free) time playing Pirates of the carribbean online . When patrick wanted to try it, it had me set up an account as well so I could put controls on his (who he chats with, who he can be friends with, etc). I was 'managing his account'm a phrase I used with April. She now refers to my time on the game with it.

Rachel complains that I run practices too hard, and they need more breaks. I thought they did take at least two breaks during Mondays practice. I did tell the girls I'd start doing 'Olly practice'. All but Rachel wanted to know what that was, so I told them to ask Patrick for details but it refers to his soccer trainer who worked the boys for three hours a night once a week. We have only one more week until the tournement in Pocatello , so I'd like them to work a little harder.

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Kevin said...
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Danielle said...

I removed the post I made because it says it was from Kevin, but it should have been from me!

I love playing Pirates and do so when I REALLY should be doing other things. I think its the stress and mindless frustration release, although some of the quests get to be irritating, you still do it, just to get to the next part!

Hacking and Cursing Guards and Skeletons.. now that is how I would like to spend my evening! :)

TardisCaptain said...

I wish my computer was working so I could relieve some stress by sinking ships and killing undead pirates.