Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Not an Easter Tradition

Stardate 61032.5
Yesterday Thomas hurt his foot on the trampoline. Today he went to school on the cructhes Patrick used when he sprained he ankle around Easter last year. I told the kids on the way to school that this will not be a tradition. Thomas is going to see the doctor this afternoon. He will miss his indoor game today.

The girls did free throw practice yesterday, and I acted as an opposing player to get them used to blocking. Rachel and her friend audra were pretty good at it. Audra's younger sister did some scrimmages with them and she knows what she is doing. The team is doing good for being thrown together.

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TardisCaptain said...

Rachel will want to be on crutches next year. It's not fair that her brothers get to be on them and she not.

Davy Dreadshot said...

She already asked if she could next year.