Monday, March 31, 2008

Pocatello 2008

Stardate 61033.1
Rachel, Patrick, Thomas, and I went to the Crusader Cup in Pocatello this weekend. Rachel was on the sixth grader girls blue (as opposed to gold) team, and I was one of the coaches. We played two games on Friday and two on Saturday. We lost every one of them. The bright side is that each loss was less of a point spread than the last. Rachel has a very aggressive style of play. There were quite a few times the opposing player would cross half court only to have the ball taken away by Rachel. If I had know that's how she could play, I would have worked on some fast break plays.

The third game the other coach for the team asked the other team coach to take it easy, because they were ahead by 20 in the last part of the fourth quarter and I guess he got a chilly answer. Some of the parents came over and told us they agreed, and the opposing coach apologized after the game. He said he was caught up in the game and was not aware of the score. Not sure I believe that, especially when we found out the ranking is by wins and losses, then by points scored in cases of same win/losses, so it is beneficial to rack up as many as you can.

During the fourth game Rachel had a minor meltdown. It's understandable given the pressure and pace. Both the other coach and I worked to get her calmed down to no avail. I decided to leave her be. Thomas walked over and had her laughing in 30 seconds. It's nice to see the kids can help each other out when they need it. Sometimes all you see is the rivalry.

The boys fourth grade team won all their games. Patrick didn't want to try out, so he just watched. I'm somewhat glad. They played five games in all, and three were won by a single basket at the buzzer. The fourth grade girls team went all the way to the championship, but lost in overtime by 3. (Rachel's friend's sister played, and fouled out in the fourth quarter. Her response when told she fouled out was "I did? Aw, crap.")

Thomas went to the doctor before we left to see if a cast was necessary for his foot. The doctor had him walking (more like limping) around the room, so no cast. By Sunday he was barely limping at all.

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