Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Basketball practice

Monday's practice went well. The girls are beyond the basics of dribbling and shooting, so know it's the much harder task of plays and strategy. It's a little more serious for them, but they still seem to enjoy it.

The kids had the day off of school (not sure why). They found some cake mix and asked me if they could make a cake. They added green food coloring, but it turned out good to eat. As one of his scout achievement Thomas needs to help prepare food, so a I am counting this. The down side is that Rachel got a burn on the outside base of her thumb. Nothing that needed a doctor, but it was a half inch blister.

There was a doctor visit, although it was to remove Thomas' stitches. We went to our family doc, and in his opinion stitches were not needed except to leave a smaller scar. The woun was on the top of his head and is covered by hair so I can't see how that would be a factor.

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