Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Where art thou?

Ok, August passed without a blog entry. Be prepared for a long one. In a nutshell, it was consumed with work, vet visits, and soccer. Lots of soccer.

Work has been steady. Not overwhelming, just steady. It suprises me that some of the same issues occur at Flying J as at United Healthcare. From reading technical blogs the issues are pretty common across the development community (hence Dilbert).

The cat, Smokie, developed a UTI. April took her to the vet. They wanted to take some blood< but she would not calm down. They kept her overnight, but still nothing. When we got her home she was staggering, but it passed in about a day. They also gave us antibiotics for the UTI. A week later and we brought her back for a follow-up. Again, they kept her overnight to try and get blood, and again failed. The had to sedate her. When we got her home, she was confused and could not walk again. This passed faster this time. I can't understand why the vet had so much trouble. Sure, she's ornery and mean, but is is 18 years old and does not have front claws.

Ogden FC soccer picked up a trainer. Ollie (as the kids call him) is from Manchester United. He run 'trainings' for Thomas on Tuesday and Patrick on Wednesday. These run about 3 hours. Patrick initially had problems because it was so long, but I showed him the reasons. I let he practice with Thomas's team (without Ollie). I got a great reaction from the team; about half of whom know him. "I don't want to play against Patrick" was the general response. Afterwards I asked Patrick if the practice was hard, and he said no. An I asked him if he noticed the reaction from Thomas's team, and then told him how they respected his ability. The challenge is to keey ahead of them.

Thomas has not had any problems with Ollie. He seems nicer to the U-9 then to the U-10. I think the fact the U-9 is two boys teams and a girls team whereas the U-10 is all boys plays a part. Thomas and his team did ok in the Adidas USA cup, especially considering the odds. We arrived at 3 to find out the game had been moved to 5, which meant the team would play back to back games, one at 5 and one at 6. To top it off, several players could not make it and we had no substitutes. The first game the team came back from a 3-0 deficit at the half to tie it up. The second game we lost, and we lost the next day. Saturday we canceled because several boys had come down sick. Nottoo bad given the boys had never played together in a game.

The effects of training showed in the preseason game for Patrick. The won 5-1, and didn't even look like they were putting much effort into it. I asked Patrick after the game if it was easy, and he told me he didn't even start to breathe hard.

That's it for now.

Favorite Quote: "Dad, did I do good?" - Patrick after the preseason game.

End of Entry

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Danielle said...

Just glad its real life keeping you busy, some of us have more time (for now I'm sure) than others.

I drive past your kids school and think about you guys everyday. I hope that you are all doing well. :)