Saturday, September 15, 2007

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Patrick started soccer with the St. Joseph school team on Tuesday. He was a little late due to my not knowing where the game was being played. He plays with fourth, fifth, and sixth graders. Some of the older kids are amazing. I think he cam learn a lot from this.

Thomas played his first game on Wednesday. His team lost without scoring a goal. It' not a surprise since they haven't play many games together. One interesting play happened as an opposing player ran up to score, tripped, and the keeper jumped on him to get the ball.

Patrick had a training with Ollie at the same time as Thomas's game. April took him, and while she was there Ollie started to berate his team. He apparently told them he was ready to walk away because they lost the last two games. It didn't help that Patrick's team beat one of the teams that they played. He's getting married, so he will be gone for about a month. He's a good trainer, but I'm glad he doesn't coach Patrick's team.

Parent-Teacher conferences were Thursday night. The kids are doing well. Patrick is reading at almost a six grade level, and Rachel at a twelfth grade level.

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