Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Made it

Stardate 61091.1
Last weekend I managed to make it to a Mountain-Con meeting. It was just in time to do...nothing. With less than two weeks left, there is not much I can add.

Rachel had an orthodontist appointment Monday. He's little rough on her, and by the time he was done, she was i some pain. It caused us to skip her tennis lesson. No big deal. The instructor had told us she needs to play against other kds to increase her ability. She doesn't want to, but April and I told her its that or give up the game. Pretty much the same as with Patrick, accept the challenge.

Patrick's Ogden FC game was moved back an hour to 6:30, which gave us some breathing room. They played the team that walked all over the other U-10 Ogden FC team a couple of weeks ago. Patrick's team started slow, and at the half was tied one to one. They found the flow the second half and won the game by a score of six to one.

Patrick has decided at the start of school (three weeks ago now) that he will read the entire Harry Potter series. He has finished the first two already.

Thomas changed scout troops. He now goes to St. Rose instead of St. Paul. He has school friends in both of them, so he doesn't care which one he goes to (actually, he likes St. Rose because it is closer to home). Patrick will still be going to the troop at St. Paul.

April bought tickets to Spamalot for this Sunday. It's not the original cast, but I would love to see it.

I haven't read anything new since Deathly Hollows (finished that the day after it arrived). I've been re-reading some books. I did go to the library and picked up 'Lords of the North', the last book in Bernard Cornwell's Saxon Chronicles; 'Tiny Teeth', the latest Gideon Oliver mystery by Aaron Elkins, and 'Emperor: Gods of War', the first in a series of historical fiction about Julius Caesar.

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