Monday, September 24, 2007

Programming Fundamentals

As my kids play soccer and other sports, I often ear about learning the fundamentals, and the need to keep practicing the fundamentals. It applies to math, English, and many other fields. So I wonder what the fundamentals of programming are? Would it be conditionals and loops?Is it like mathematics where you start with simple concepts and build on them? Are object, inheritance, polymorphism fundamental? What about database access? Security? Design Patterns? Templatized parameters?

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Matt said...

As I pondered your post, the notion occurred to me that "programming" compares more to "sport" rather than a given sport. "Soccer" would relate to "Java".

So notions of editing, compiling, program structure, key words, etc would be fundamentals of programming just as teamwork, hand-eye/foot coordination and yelling at the refs are fundamentals of all sports. They show up in some form in all sports, but they are implemented differently.

Then kicking, passing, a dribbling are fundamentals of soccer. These are the tools that are necessary to do anything in soccer. The fundamentals of Java would be things like writing objects, compiling and running. Things like design patterns more into the realm of expertise.