Monday, March 26, 2007

The week in Review

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Here's last weeks planner, excluding work and Orthodontist.

Monday: Dinner with Dad. I took him to an IHOP in West Valley. He hasn't been down there in years, and I have not been there for months. He had a great time. The week before I drove him by the old houses. He didn't recognize either one, and if I didn't know where I was, I would not have either.

Tuesday: Scout Hike. I went with Patrick's Bear troop up Beus trail. Well, most of it. I was out of breath within the first few minutes, and sat down about three quarters of the way up and waited for the kids to come back down. I have had a cold for the last few days, and I am out of shape.

Wednesday: Patrick had soccer practice at St. Joseph High School. After that April and I went to a meeting at the elementary school. They made an announcement that they will be closing the St. Benedict campus at the end of the year. I was a little sad, it's a much better looking school than St. Joe's. But the roof is leaking, and it will cost a ton to fix. They are not seeing the enrollment necessary to justify keeping it open. After thinking about it, it won't make much difference to me. Thomas would have had one more year there. I was not happy with having to drop Rachel and Patrick off before they closed the gates (a security procedure after the school shooting back east), and then going to St. Ben's and waiting for the teachers to come out for the kids there. Thomas does not want to wait in the car. So next year I can drop them all off at the same place. It's also inconvenient to have to pick one up there, then go get the other two. The one point I wanted to get out was Patrick's complaint about the playground. It's too small for the number of kids. They stopped going over the the park after a child was killed by a stray bullet from a gang shootout. The meeting then devolved into a discussion of school vouchers. That doesn't have much effect on us. Our kids are already in private school

Thursday: April and Rachel had a Girl Scout activity, so I picked up the boys and went grocery shopping. Cooked some burgers on the grill (the kids prefer that to getting take out).

Friday: The Ticonderoga senior officers meeting, where I did a quick report and then heading to Mount Ogden Middle School for volleyball. We had three best of three games. In other words, we played six games because for each set of best of three, we lose the first two obviating the need for a third. Got home at 11. Rachel's friend Audra stayed the night.

Saturday: Another soccer training at nine in the morning at Mount Ogden park. I took the dog along because I felt guilty that we had been gone for most of the week. He dragged me around the park for a half hour and I now know every nook and cranny. He then wanted to leave. The practice ran for two hours. The parent/teacher group had a skating party that morning. Rachel, Audra, and Thomas went to that. Patrick went to a friends house after practice.

At two, I sat down on the bed to change clothes, laid back for a minute, and glanced at the clock; 4:30 PM. I had fallen asleep for two and a half hours. Sorry, Carl, I didn't mean to miss Command School. At least you didn't hear me snore.

Sunday: Took advantage of the good weather by cleaning the sprouting weeds and grass from the garden. I planted some pumpkins, peas, carrots, onions, and various flowers in pots to plant outside later. The pumpkins and peas are growing out of the pots already, and the rest have sprouted. The weather is supposed to turn cold this week, so I can't plant anything outside year.

So that's last week. This week looks to be the same, except AYSO soccer occupies all of Saturday.

BTW: I finished The Winter King, and The Pale Horseman, and am halfway through Heretic!. I think I might find some Star Trek novels to read next.

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