Sunday, March 11, 2007


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We had a discussion on pets Thursday night. We have toads, fish, a cat, and a dog. Thomas wants a lizard, Rachel wants a turtle, and Patrick wants a puppy. My question to the kids is who cleans the aquarium the toads and fish live in? There were six fish originally that Thomas brought home last spring, only two are left. I think I spaced feeding them a couple of days and they ate each other. Anyway, who feeds the cat and dog, and takes the dog for walks? But the other pets they want would be fun, they say. My counter-argument was that you can't hold the toads or fish (the toads can pick up diseases from you, and are poisonous. Not enough to kill you, although you can get very sick if you eat them, but if you touch them and then rub your eye, it can burn.) We already have a dog, and Patrick is allergic to cats.

The dog is named Leonardo, or Leo for short. I pointed out he is always willing to play, lets any kid pile on him, or pull his tail. Pull out the leash, and he leaps a couple of feet in the air in excitement. Grab a ball, and he is right there waiting for you to throw it. Patrick and I both have R/C cars, and he loves to chase them. I wonder why we need any other pets? The novelty of new pets wears off, and the pet lives on.

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Danielle said...

I think it is a winter boredom thing.. spring will come, outside will be more interesting.. and I have to agree.. Leo is GREAT! :)

Danielle said...

on another note.. be thankful they are asking for pets. The Captains daughter wants a sibling! LOL

TMadden said...

Thanks, Dani. Actually, my daughter wanted another sibling, but she was more specific; a little sister. Another brother was unacceptable.

Danielle said...

LOL Sorry to hear that!! Although she is at least at the age it might be easier to get out of that one! LOL Good luck!

TMadden said...

I think she pretty much accepts that a little sister would not be as much fun as she thinks. And she is getting to the age where siblings will be in the way.