Monday, March 05, 2007

Stardate 60030.4
Thomas had his birthday party at Lazer Zone last Friday. It went pretty good. The guests played three rounds of laser tag, did their own pixie stick with colored sugar sand, and bugged me for quarters to play the video games.

Saturday I overslept and so Patrick missed the last indoor soccer game. There was supposed to be a practice after the game, but it got canceled due to all the snow. The soccer ball just doesn't move very well in it. I took Rachel to a friend's house so she could practice a P.E. dance with them. We all then went to the Cathedral of the Madeline to see Thomas and Patrick get Catholic scouting awards. We were hoping the new bishop would be there (or bishop to be, or bishop in waiting? As Rachel kept reminding us, he doesn't officially take office until the 14th), but he was not.

I am now reading 'The Winter King' by Bernard Cornwell.

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Matt said...

My daughter wants to do lazer tag. What was the cost?

TMadden said...

It was about $8 per person for two games.