Thursday, March 15, 2007

Beware the Ides of March

Stardate 60031.5
Yesterday was PI day (3.14), and today is the Ides. Not really sure what that means except that was the day Julius Caesar was assassinated. March does have a lot of special days, it seems. The Ides, PI, Ash Wednesday, St. Patrick's Day. Wait, Ash Wednesday was in February.

I finally did my achievement for the Bear scouts Tuesday. Not all of it, though. The den leader wants to do more electives, so I was told to 'just to the computer part'. That was a small part of the achievement, because it's boring. And I was right. But I did the airplane elective at the end, and brought balsa wood planes for the scouts to build. That was a hit.

Patrick started outdoor soccer training on Wednesday nights. He is still having fun with it. We are going to Boise in April for a tournament, and I guess the coach wants to spend as much time as possible getting them ready.

My dad finally managed to get rid of his van. He lost his license last December because he can't read the eye chart anymore. He also could not find the title to the van, so it took a while to deal with that.

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