Tuesday, March 27, 2007

5 seconds of Fame

Stardate 60032.7
Cool! I took the Tiger Scouts to a channel 4 weather school. We met Marti Skold, Ross Becker, and Dana Greene. They showed the scouts how the weather was done, and the green screen used to display the graphics in back of Marti. She let the kids try it all out. Dana the sportscaster stole the spotlight from her, though, after he said he had talked to people like Michael Jordan and Yuo Ming among others. The kids had a great time, and channel 4 ran a short clip of us just before the weather. You can see Thomas and myself with the rest of the scouts very clearly. I have it on the DVR; now I need to transfer it to DVD. The clip of the scout in the red jacket was also shown. I don't know who he was, but he did a good job with the weather.

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Matt said...

Post it on YouTube or the like so you can be famous, over and over again.