Monday, April 30, 2007

One week down, one to go...

Log Entry Stardate 60043.0
The kids are feeling the long week. Monday was supposed to be soccer practice for Thomas only. However, I got a call from his baseball coach. He scheduled a practice after soccer practice. Thomas did pretty well at baseball. It’s machine pitch, and he managed to hit a few of them. After we got home he and I threw a ball around for a little while.

Tuesday was the most difficult. I dropped Rachel off at tennis fifteen minutes late. The instructor called April in L. A., even though we told her to call my cell phone. I picked up Thomas after running home to get Patrick’s soccer uniform. Patrick himself was picked up by a friend. Then I picked Rachel up and headed to Roy for Patrick’s soccer game. He was not there yet, so I dumped the uniform on a fellow parent (Thanks Bonnie). Well I ran to get Rachel and Thomas something to eat. The boys played kind of lazily, and the game ended in a tie. Then it was hurried to the scout meeting. I was not mentally prepared for the meeting, especially when the new scoutmaster called me up as den leader for the Tigers. They got their badges, though, and so did the Bears. Next month is the graduation to the next level.

Wednesday was much easier. Just a soccer game at mount Ogden park. The boys played better this time, but lost three to two. I should mention that we are down our starter keeper and one for word. The keeper was hit in the face with a baseball, which broke his nose bee in three places. The forward is out for hernia surgery.
Friday Rachel and Patrick Soccer practice. Rachel had also been invited to a birthday party/sleep over. I stayed late after her practice to talk to them all know about picking her up early because Thomas had a game the same time I was supposed to drop her off. Hence, we missed most of Patrick’s practice.

Thursday was pet day at saint bens. Thomas had been talking about it all week. I put it on the calendar, and he was counting down the dates. On the day, Leo was pretty popular. Someone brought some sort of baby birds, and another brought a small python. Dogs were the most common pet to be shown.

Volleyball was late on Friday. The first game started at 9:00 PM. We lost that game, but managed to win one set of the second game at 945. Unfortunately, we lost the next game and were forced to play a third tiebreaker. This game didn’t end until 1030, meaning we did not get home until after eleven. Thomas had baseball practice the next day at 8:00 AM.

Saturday we were up by 7:00 AM and out the door by 7:30. We made it to Thomas's baseball practice in plenty of time, but left a little early to get Patrick to his game at nine. Once again, the other team didn’t have enough players so Patrick played on the other side. He didn’t have breakfast that morning and had a breakdown at the quarter. I’m not sure what’s going on, but none of the games has he played another full team. Every game so far this spring season we have needed to lend players to the other team. Rachel’s game was next at 10:00, a friend brought their new puppy and Patrick spent the rest of the game playing with it. Rachel then went with her birthday friend. The boys and I got something to eat and then went to play Thomas’s game. His team is improving, although there are only three games left. Then we did a little bit of grocery shopping where I picked up a new toy that I will get to later.
Rachel has been doing homework until eleven PM a couple of nights. One night she had to pick out a news item from the newspaper. That was a lot of trouble for her, because she was looking for a positive piece to report on. Most of the news was negative as you can probably imagine.

Sunday I had plans on catching up on some things I needed to get done, but after running around picking up or dropping off kids, I didn’t get to it. We did go see “meet the Robinsons”, because one of Patrick’s friends called and wanted him to go. Thomas and Rachel told me they wanted to see it as well. So I took them. The movie was OK, I was just expecting a little more humor. I did manage to get most of the line mode and a few plants in to the ground.

While picking and groceries, I bought a cheap microphone for my computer. I installed speech recognition on word and am now dictating this log entry, which is why it gets so long. It's much like a original Battlestar Galactica episode where Lorne Green is dictating to a computer with a large microphone (this is much smaller), and you see the pauses and then the text show up on the computer screen. Similar, but Word seems to get things wrong more than they did.

(the title, by the way, is a quote from Patrick. Rachel was apologetic "Not that we don't like you Dad, but we miss Mom." I miss my wife.)

End of entry


Danielle said...

Makes me think of the days, when my parents were coordinating 2 Softball practices, t-ball, and baseball practice, with Karate, drama club, and whatever else we managed to get involved in.

Your doing good.. and almost done. :) Hang in there Dad! :)

TMadden said...

We did gymnastics at the Little Gym in Sugarhouse for a year and a half. That was fun. We've tried Karate, chess club, and a host of other things.