Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Stardate 60050.2
Monday the baseball coach handed out to the schedules. There are games Mondays and Wednesdays for the next month and a half

Tuesday I managed to get Rachel with the tennis lessons fifteen minutes late again. I retrieve the boys from day care headed back to pick up Rachel. Then we grab something to eat and went to Mount Ogden Park for Patrick’s game. When we got there, I discovered that I had two pairs of shorts, a pair of socks, and a pair of shinguards. No cleats, no shirt, and not enough time to go home and get them. (There might have been, due to a bad accident on highway 89, but I can’t say for sure. ) at that point I said forget it and we headed home. I called one of the guys at scouts to say we wouldn’t make it. I had no idea what Patrick was going to do. We talked about bowling ones, although I thought that was on May 9. April called one of the other mothers, only to find out she was at the mortuary us are mother had suddenly passed away.

I guess the game was a moot point anyway. I talked to the parents tonight, and one of the coaches is out of town with a high school team the other was caught up at work and couldn’t make it to the game. They tried to convince the referee that one of the parents could coach but since he wasn’t registered they wouldn’t let him . We ended up forfeiting the game but played for the fun of it. The team won six to nothing. Tonight little different the other team five to four, but the last goal really didn’t count because they were offsides. We’ll really kind of bothered me was the other parents were yelling at the referee and yelling in Spanish. Patrick got hit in the face with the ball, and broke his glasses were the screw goes in to hold the lens. He played the second half with only one lens, but still managed to almost get a goal.

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