Thursday, January 11, 2007

Various and Sundry

Stardate 60011.2
Saturday was soccer practice for Patrick. The coach kept going as long as we had the field, or about two and a half hours. I was recruited as the keeper for one team during the scrimmage. Patrick scored three goals on me, which made him very happy, and the coach thought it was funny. I did get the last laugh because Patrick's team lost and had to do 25 push ups.

Most of the snow has been skidding around us and dumping on Denver. We did get some last week and some more today. It was enough to go sledding on Sunday, and I hope we get enough to go again next Sunday. I have to admit that I love not having to commute to Salt Lake now.

The Cub Scouts met for the first time this year on Tuesday. They had a power sander and bandsaw there to cut the designs for the derby cars. Patrick is making a roller coaster car, and Thomas is making a basic racer. There was a good crowd there, so it took a while. It did not help that the bandsaw kept getting locked up.

My weight on Monday was 207.5 lbs.

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