Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Stardate 60012.4
The Pack meeting went well. The tigers had a skit to do, and they did it well. The theme this month was 'Poles Apart'. April asked me to come up with an idea for the skit, but I could not come up with anything to fit. They dressed up in various costumes and gave facts for each of the Earth's poles. Thomas got to dress in an explorers jacket and my 'Tennessee Tim' hat. I need to get a picture of him in this. The boys were nervous and therefore very quiet reading the parts.

We also had the Pinewood Derby cars weighed for Patrick and Thomas. Patrick did his like a roller coaster car, and cut a lot of wood off of it. The cars need to be as close to 5 oz. without going over as possible. Patrick's was maybe 2 oz. I was surprised by Thomas's car. We cut it to look like a race car, but with the wheels it weighs 5.2 oz. Leaving off the wheels will slow it down too much. So we have some sanding to do.

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