Monday, March 06, 2006

TAC No More

Stardate 59030.6
Totally Awesome Computers is no more? I just read about this on Carl Stark’s blog. It’s about time. I’ve read a few blog entries about how the store treated it’s employees, all not complementary. I went into one several years ago when I was shopping for a new computer. I already had a configuration in mind, but they didn’t have what I wanted. They attempted to sell me what they did have. This is the job of sales, but two of TAC’s salesmen went about it the wrong way by telling me I was mistaken. When I asked if they had any systems with Windows ME installed, they proceeded to tell me no, it would not run any of the current software. I disagreed and told them ME was Windows 98 with some enhancements and UI tweaks. (I had a system with ME on it for years. I found one program that would not run, other than some that the hardware did not meet specs. The program failed because I had DirectX 8 installed, and a patch fixed that.) The discussion went on for about ten minutes in the same vein, each time they tried to get me to buy a system I didn’t want. I said thanks and left. I called my wife and told her we were never buying anything from them.

Rachel played her last basketball game Saturday. Actually it was a double-header, although I didn’t find out until after the first game. She made an impressive shot off a quick in, and was jumping all over the court after. She played very aggressively, and actually fouled twice. The coach told her a couple of times that she played a great game. I wish this had come about sooner. Patrick had a hard game, and lost by a single basket. It was a little disappointing, because he was driving for the basket in the last few seconds when the defender slapped his arm, but the foul was not called. He dropped the ball because of it, and saved it from going out of bounds right in front of where we were sitting. The referee called it out, and gave the ball to the other team. Time ran out before we got another chance. Oh well, it’s only a game.

Thomas’s birthday party went well on Friday night. He and his friends played on the inflatables at Layton Fun Center. We paid extra for a room, which was kind of a waste. It was a room with a space theme. The boys climbed over the console and kept slapping all the buttons. It was more of a distraction from the party then a help. But everyone had fun, and Thomas was happy.

The boss asked my coworkers if everything was worked out with the new systems. I didn’t get the original, but I was CC’ed on reply, where I was credited with fixing the issues. I appreciated that.

The battery is out on the scale again. No idea how much I weigh.

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