Monday, March 20, 2006

Master Bath

Stardate 59032.0
The master bath is once again mostly functional. The shower needs a lot of work, but that requires breaking up the mud bed and getting down to the bare floor. We are not sure how all this is supposed to go together. A guy at Home Depot said the shower pan is supposed to be right underneath the tile, but it is not. I am confused as to what goes where in here. The bathroom itself has been repainted, and a new set of towel racks installed. The toilet is back in place.

Friday Thomas spent his allowance on a Lego Slave 1. I was out at the Senior Officers Meeting, and it was left to me on Saturday morning to build it. It had 537 pieces. Four hours later I completed it. Patrick bought the Darth Vader Voice Changer; something April conceded is kind of neat. The changer does not make you sound like James Earl Jones, something that kind of disappointed me.

The kids have discovered the games on the EyeToy for the Playstation. These are pretty good in that you don’t sit there wearing out your thumbs on a controller. You need to get up and move. And with some of them, you move a lot. This was a good investment from my point of view, especially since it’s been raining or snowing much of the week.

Saturday was the Girl Scout Cookie booth. The weather was tolerable; at least it didn’t rain until they were almost done. The good part is all the boxes of cookies have been sold.

The downside to the weekend is that I didn’t check some of the blogs. Scott Adams wanted examples of mob rule where the majority did not think the rule was moral. That’s kind of a conflict. When I thought it over, I can’t think of that many laws or rules that are a result of a majority. Most of the ‘majority’ rules are a minority with the majority being apathetic. It’s a little late to comment on his blog now, but I think Scott’s parameters were vague, and his conclusions based on the absence of information.

Weight: 190 lbs (I put a new battery in the scale)

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