Monday, March 27, 2006


Stardate 59032.7
Last week seemed to go by in a flash. I just can’t remember much. Tuesday was the indoor soccer playoff. Patrick’s team lost. Defensively they made a lot of mistakes. The other team was good. Where our team chased the ball, they had a player in the middle, and passed to him. I yelled at them to cover the guy, and Patrick moved over when he could, but it just didn’t sink in. I did notice that Patrick played the whole game, and every other kid was subbed out. Tonight is the last game. The coach has gotten a little intense, so we are glad it is over.

After the game Patrick and Thomas went with the Cub Scouts to the mini-golf and bowling place in Roy. This is the place that has blacklight painting, and if you wear white, you glow. Thomas did better than Patrick. They were loud, but there was no one else there, so we let them go.

Outdoor soccer starts on Saturday. No schedule yet, which does not make the coaches happy. I did manage get all the practices on Friday at 5 for Rachel, Patrick, and Thomas. This means I only need to drive out to Ogden once. The commissioner wants to move games out of one area they call ‘The Pit”. I’ll applaud that decision because the fields there are a swamp. He also wants to post the schedule and playing fields on a bulletin board. I’m following the gondola thing in the paper, because they all practice and play at Mount Ogden Park. There is talk about doing away with the golf course, and the public recreation there. I’m not sure what the plans are, or if anyone really knows, but I don’t know of another park big enough to handle all the games. I was looking at the mountain last Friday, and I don’t see where a west facing ski slope would fit. I’m sure someone has an idea, otherwise they would not be considering it.

Thursday and Friday Patrick was sick. April and I were questioning if he was actually sick on Thursday, but we gave him the benefit of the doubt. Friday he was pasty, but insisted he could go to school. I told him he was stuck home after he threw up in the kitchen. I went to school to pick up Thomas, and talked to his teacher about homework. She thought he wasn’t that sick, and wondered what happened. After I told her, she said “Thank you for not sending him here”.

I worked from home Friday, basically working on a CBT for Microsoft Solutions Framework. The CBT was structured in a strange way. It did a pre-assessment, then a quick tutorial, then back to testing again. It won’t let past the first module, even though I answered all the questions correctly.

Saturday was the first in a long time where we did not need to go anywhere. At least that’s what I thought. It wasn’t until Sunday morning we remembered Thomas was supposed to go to a birthday party. Rachel did go to a schoolmate’s birthday party at Layton Fun Center Saturday night. The parents rented the whole place.

Sunday I bought a portable basketball hoop. Patrick played with it for hours, and only gave up after it got dark. I am looking forward to warmer weather, although the forecast doesn’t have much hope for the next couple of weeks. Cabin fever is setting in, or maybe spring fever.

So much for ‘real life’, as Erica put it on the Tico message board. As for the Mountain-Con site, things have been vague about what everyone wants done. There have been a few emails, but there needs to be a get-together about it. It doesn’t help that I am occupied most nights.

Next Monday the kids and I start a fishing course in Clearfield, so dinners with my dad will move to Thursdays. Fencing is on hold for a while. We feel that Patrick is a little overscheduled. I hope to pick it up again in the summer.

I didn’t get on the scale yet, so I don’t know how much I weigh.

Music: “Get your head in the game” from Disney’s High School Musical.

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