Friday, March 17, 2006


Stardate 59031.7
XO, move over! Monday we had the linoleum replaced in both upstairs bathrooms. The one in the kids bathroom was cracked and protruding up at the edges. The installer would not move the toilets because that was plumbing and intruded on union lines. So Sunday I removed the bolts with a cutter because they were stuck, and moved two toilets out of the way. The one in the kids bathroom has been put back, but I also needed to remove some of the baseboards in our bathroom which took some paint with it. That meant repainting. April put the first coat on Wednesday; the next coat should go on soon.

Wednesday as well we had a washer and stove delivered. The washer was making noises and not spinning well. The repair guy said it was the control broad, and showed me why. To repair that would cost $300, so we decided to just buy a new one to match the dryer. The stove was fine, but as long as they were delivering a washer, they might as well bring a stove. Why wait for that to die?

The D.I. came that day, and picked up my 3 foot tall speakers, our old bed frame, a bunch of old clothes, a TV stand, and some stuffed animals (Thomas had 50 in his collection on the bottom half of his bed according to Rachel). They were a little surprised at the amount of stuff. I helped them load it, which they said I didn’t have to, but I explained that I wanted to put the van back in the garage. Rachel was home sick that day with stomach problems.

I drew the ‘Duty to God’ achievement for Scouts on Tuesday. I find it ironic because I am not particularly religious. I did ok with it. I also did Talking . This was a lot more fun. I gave them a Japanese phrase and counting from one to ten in French, German, Italian, and Spanish. This showed them about using the same language to get the message across. I showed them the Cyrillic alphabet, and had them draw maps and give directions. Patrick told April later that she doesn’t need to take him to scouts anymore, I’m more fun. Patrick and I also talked about Klingon on the way home, and he wants to learn to count in that language.

Saturday was busy, busy, busy. Almost everything I went to started late and ran late. The last basketball games ran over, the Scout Sunday, and the movie started late. It was The Shaggy Dog, the remake of The Shaggy D.A. The boys loved it, but I was bored. The last event, the Ticonderoga Tenth Anniversary BBQ started on time, at least as far as I know. That was fun. I spent the night talking computer games and about the closing of Totally Awesome Computers. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to geek out.

Turning the clock forward to Thursday, Thomas stayed home sick. This is the first time this school year. April and I were a little disappointed that he would not get perfect attendance. Oh, well.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Patrick puts today up there with Halloween and Easter for holidays. He doesn’t understand why everyone else is not as excited about it as he is. He got up at 5:30 AM to look for gold coins left by the leprechauns. It was raining this morning, so they didn’t leave any yet. Maybe later today.

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