Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Father's Day

Stardate 56061.7 (6-17-2003)

Did you ever get the feeling… you were being watched? I enabled logging on both my personal web pages and the operations pages. It logs the raw HTML requests and the address of the requester with a date/time stamp. I made it public access; so if you really want to slog through it, click here. I was curious whether anyone actually looked at the pages here, and how often. It would also be useful to see what is popular, so I can save some space by removing things no one looks at.

Father’s Day went very well. April did have to work, but got up at 2 am so she could be home at 2 pm. My kids insisted on fixing breakfast in bed for me. It consisted of a micro waved frozen waffle and chocolate chip cookies (more on this below). The only mess they made was the plates and the sheet used to bake the cookies. I was impressed. My dad and sister came up for dinner. My dad is in his mid-eighties, and the rest of us swap counts on how many times each of us has heard the same story. I need to get some of them down, though. It would be a shame if they were lost.

About the cookies: One day last week, April called to say Patrick, who is 5, baked himself some cookies for breakfast. He turned on the oven, took some dough out of the fridge, used the oven mitts to remove them when they were done, and turned the oven back off April said they were good. The ones on Father’s Day were excellent. April usually burns them a bit, and mine go the other way and are undercooked. I was not thrilled that he was using the appliances, but in his defense, he did ask. April was still half asleep and didn’t quite know what he was asking. The nutritional value can be questioned, but since fruits and vegetables disappear as fast as the candy does, I don’t worry about it too much.

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