Tuesday, May 27, 2003


Stardate 56052.7

I had hoped to make a few log entries between this one and the last one, but the weather turned nice. This means there is much for me to do outside. Things like mowing the lawn, getting the sprinklers going, cleaning the shed. The battery cable on the van was loose, so the car would not start half the time. I finally spent an evening replacing it.

Thomas likes to run outside every morning, in pajamas or clothes. He then screams for his friends. One morning last week, he could not get out the front door because it was locked, and the garage was closed. The window in front was open, so he proceeded to scream out of that. It's a little embarrassing, but funny none the less.

Performance evaluations have started at work. The maximum raise anyone can get is 3%, so it's hard to get very enthusiastic about it. The money for raises is budgeted the previous year, and it has to be spread around to an entire department.

The lunar eclipse kind of impressed my kids, but I don’t think they quite understood. April tried to explain the concept of the moon moving into the shadow of the earth to her Brownie troop, but they didn’t quite get it either. After I explained it several more times, I think Rachel understood. I still remember a camping trip we took when she was 4 year old. I showed her the stars. She looked up, and said “Wow!” After a few minutes, she asked, “Daddy, where are all the spaceships?” That was another highlight to the fact that parents do make an impression on kids.

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