Monday, May 12, 2003

We're crashing

Stardate 56051.2 (5/12/2003)

The last weekend I was up a little early with my youngest son, Thomas. I was working on the computer. He came down, looked around, and then asked me if he could see 'that green thing'. I looked up, and the only green thing was my model bird of prey. I let him hold it, telling him to be careful with it. He zoomed it around in the air, making swooshing sounds. I turned back to the computer. In a minute or so, I heard him shout, "Look out, we're crashing!" I turned around to see him bumping it along the carpet. I cringed, but let him go. After about the third time, I finally said "No, I don't think we are crashing with this". He simply said "Ok, Dad", and handed it back to me.

My sister Susan went with us to the May activity. We were supposed to do some model building, but the weather did not cooperate. The captain made up a game called Star Trek Shout. The idea is to have two people stand up in front. Carl gives them a topic, such as TNG titles. Then in turn, each person shouts out a title. If you can't think of one that has not been said, you lose. I went up four times. I won two and lost two. The ones I lost were Star Trek reference books (I didn't hear him say "The Klingon Dictionary"), and Star Trek games. I think Susan had fun.

Susan also helped out with AYSO registration. This went better than April thought it would, although the rain kept many people away.

I got a notice for my twenty-year high school reunion. I am debating whether I want to go or not. High school and college were not favorite times in my life. I suppose I will, just to see what everyone looks like.

Work goes ok. The dial up system has problems. The testing of the monthly rules release went on this last weekend. The dial up kept dropping me. This is ok, since the testing program continues to run whether or not I am dialed in. But it did prompt me to change my password, which is annoying.

Tonight we went to the library. Thomas and Patrick whined about it, but once there, they ran off excited to find books about dinosaurs. Rachel really wanted to go. She's reading multi-chapter books now. It's hard to believe eight months ago she was crying that reading was too hard. Now she can't get books fast enough. She's a little disappointed that she has already read all the 'A to Z Mysteries' by Ron Roy. I finally convinced her to pick out some other mysteries.

I'm glad Rachel has learned to read. It opens up whole worlds. There are not many girls in the neighborhood, so she reads when there is no one to play with. April told me there were at least ten to twelve boys running around when she left for work this afternoon. Patrick has found yet another friend. A black boy about five moved in just a month ago. He's a good kid from what I have seen so far. Patrick amazes me with the ease at which he picks up friends. Kids are always over here looking for him.

Well, I guess that about wraps it up.

End of Entry

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