Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Going Green

For the past week I've been taking FrontRunner into Ogden, and then a bus to work. With gas approaching $4 a gallon, combined with Flying J providing an Eco-pass, it saves quite a bit in gas. My car is still three quarters full a week and a half after filling up. It does take an hour to get into work as opposed to twenty minutes driving. Paying $65 to fill the tank makes the longer time worth it.


Danielle said...

So the big question is.. is the cost of the front runner and then the bus, which I think you can get a transfer for, saving you more than buying gasoline?

Kevin commutes back and forth to Salt Lake everyday... unfortunately he goes at 4 in the morning.. I would hate to see him have to get up any earlier than what he already does, with the little bit of sleep that we're getting now with a new baby in the house!

So I'm just curious if it is money saving for you in the end?

Davy Dreadshot said...

Flying J gives out a limited number of Eco passes and I managed to snag some of the last ones. So it's free for me to ride the train and bus. If I didn't get that, it would almost be a wash if gas is $4 a gallon, but the lack of wear and tear on the cars would be nice. I still have to drive to the Layton station. There's a bus stop as the end of the cul-de-sac, but that takes about an hour just to get to the station with transfers, on top of the hour to get to work. Not a perfect solution. I have thought about riding my bike to the station, but there's no bike racks at the station. There is at the Ogden one.