Friday, May 23, 2008

Almost There

Stardate 61052.3
It's been a hectic couple of weeks. Thomas made his First Communion last weekend. Saturday was a full day retreat at the church. Normally, the parents just drop the kids off, but this year Mgsnr. Bonnell had shoulder surgery, so Father Mike presided. He insists on parental paticipation. In Thomas's case this was probably good. It went well.

We had a soccer tournament in Kearns that same week dropped on us. Not a bad thing except Patrick had a baseball game the same Monday as one of the games. He choose to do baseball. The soccer team played short (Patrick was not the only one with a conflict), and the coach was furious. I admit to being happy about him choosing baseball considering how frustrated he has been with it. He managed to have some solid hits, and played good in the field. The fact that the coach was mad because he didn't have enough players for one game touched a nerve with me. I've been playing Thomas's team with 4-6 player the whole spring season, so I thought he should feel lucky to have a great team.

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