Saturday, June 21, 2008

Scout Camp

Patrick and I went to Camp Keisel Friday for an overnight camp. It was pretty much the same as a day camp there: canoeing, BB guns, archery, etc. The main difference was that in previous years we were assigned a guide who led the scouts around. This time we were given a list of activities, and told to chose (except for BB guns and archer, where we were assigned times). I think this was because we were Webelos, and each den had its own needs for achievements. After the regular camp was over, we had dinner. This consisted of each scout grabbing a frozen hot dog and putting it on coals that where not nearly hot enough. The camp counselor did say the cooking counts as one of their achievements. After dinner was the Colter relay race (the theme this year is mountain men. Last year was cowboy, and the year before was pirates). That was fun to watch. It started with a boy shooting an arrow to pop a balloon. Our team choice did it with his third and last arrow, which put the team in fourth place. Patrick was assigned to run from the archery range to the front gate. He passed one of the other runners to put them in third place. The front gate had the three man carry. The boys there passed another team to move into second. The next leg was knot tying (this is scouts after all). I was a little concerned with it, because the boy assigned to do it was not really focused. However, he did it in apparently two seconds, before I even had the chance to run down there. This puts us in first. The last task is to light a cotton ball on fire with flint and steel. It took a couple of minutes, but we still finished first. The second place team was another minute behind us.

We sent up the tents after that. When the list of equipment was sent out, it included a tent. All we had at that time was a two room tent which April and I thought would be too big. So she bought a $25 two man bright orange pup tent at Walmart. It was a popular choice. Two others were in our group, and I counted two more in the camp at large. We all bedded down for the night. Aside from the hard ground, I thought it was pretty good. Everyone else was too cold.

Breakfast was good, pancakes and sausage. The next event was a hike. The den chose Oregon Rock, which is a 25 minute climb up about 200 feet. I was happy that I made it without too much strain. We didn’t stay long as there were teenage girls coming up to rappel down the face of the rock. We then headed home.

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