Thursday, December 06, 2007

Up to now

Stardate 61120.6
Events of the past month:

Rachel had a dog 'follow' her home (Patrick told me she carried it). It was a Pekingese mix with a collar, but no tags and no chip. Male, but not neutered. We kept it about two weeks, looking in the lost and found in the paper, and for any notice from the owner. I took it to Animal Control. I hope someone picked it up. It was a nice dog.

Halloween: Why is it I am in the neighborhood that doesn't like the idea of trick or treat? They did go all out to make sure I knew about trunk or treat. But as I was driving home, I saw plenty of kids out. It was one of my favorite holidays, but the neighborhood killed it. Maybe next year I'll put out the Christmas lights on October 31st. The stores do.

Secret weight loss tip: For the month of October I would get on the scale and get the same number: 216. The first week in November it wanted the battery replaced. I did that, and then got on. 200 lbs. 16 lbs lost in 60 seconds. Not bad. Maybe I could get on Oprah?

My sister and I moved my Dad to an assisted living facility. So far, he's ok with it.

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