Sunday, December 16, 2007


Stardate 61121.6
I took an coaching class to get an e-license about a week ago. it was a good course, and I learned a lot, like focusing on one topic for a practice session . That's not to say you only do one thing, like dribbling, for a session. that would bore most players, and you'd completely lose a kid's attention. A session can include all the elements of the game, but you only correct on the element the session is focused on. if the session focus is dribbling, and a kid makes mistakes with shooting. You let it pass. it makes sense to me.

Other concepts were to make the start of the session simple. maybe just moving in a certain way. Then make it a little more complicated by adding a ball. Then add another player, then groups of players.

We had two instructors. the first one was full of information and communicated it well. The second was probably as knowledgeable, but tended to wander into talking about professional players. He also seems to end every other sentence with 'does that make sense?'

The E does not stand for electronic (like e-mail) in this case. It's a level, and the next level up is D, and then C, and so on.

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