Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Stardate 59061.3
Repair guy gets to my house at 11:45 AM, 15 minutes before he was scheduled (sometime between noon and 5 was what I was told). He took a look at the screen, which of course decided to work just before he got there (I see that a lot my job, I call it CCS, Cardboard Cutout Syndrome on the thought that if you put a cardboard cutout of the person within sight of the equipment, it would work perfectly all the time), and went up to the dish, swapped the switch, and tested it. It was working better than ever and it took him all of five minutes. He told me the brand of switch he swapped out had been giving them trouble. The downside is that I missed some DS9 episodes I had been looking forward to seeing; “The Die is Cast” and “The Way of the Warrior”. I did record some episodes of “Mythbusters” (Grant Imahara was not on the first one), a special on Krakatoa , and one on Napoleon. There was a show about Blackbeard on Lifetime, but I didn’t find it on the programming guide.

Thursday was supposed to be the last softball games, but they were rained out. Patrick’s game has been rescheduled for June 19, but he already has something else to do. He has been practicing batting because he wanted to hit a home run before another boy on his team.

April and Patrick went camping in Escalante with some friends. They had a good time, except that April will be banning Gameboys from camping trips from now on. I stayed home with Rachel and Thomas and did some work in the yard while watching the Thunderbirds and others fly overhead. The kids were not interested in going to Hill to see the airshow, and I had to much to do anyway.

Rachel is at Girl Scout camp this week. She was not happy to go so soon after school is out, but this was the only time she could go with friends from school. I think she will have a good time. Saturday she wandered around the house saying ‘I’m bored’, while Thomas was out on the trampoline with a bunch of the neighborhood kids ranging in age from 4 to 12. I don’t know why she didn’t join them.

The sitter was over on Monday. He apparent watched the US soccer team get trounced with the boys. Patrick’s dream now is to become a World Cup soccer champion. After that he wants to be a MLB star.

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