Monday, June 19, 2006

First Fish

Stardate 59061.9

Father’s Day, 2006, was a good day. Patrick wanted to go fishing, so about 8 that morning he and I went to Kaysville Pond. One the first casts out, Patrick catches his first fish.

It’s kind of small, but he was happy anyway. April made steak and lobster for lunch, and then we went to see a Bees game. We sat behind a scout for the Cubs. He let Patrick run a radar gun to measure the speed of the pitches. We moved to right field for a while because it was shady there. After the game, we dropped Patrick off at a friends house. He is staying there for the week to attend a baseball camp.

Friday I hosted the Senior Officers Meeting for the Ticonderoga. I’ve been busy with work (two projects to get together, and I still to do stuff on a previous one)., so I played catch-up on the goings on. I am not keeping up with it very well.

There was an article in the Ogden Standard-Examiner about wait times at regional hospitals in the emergency room. Davis (where April works) was listed as a 2 hour wait in the ER. That did not make the employees there happy, and the next day the paper printed a correction. 2 hours was the total time in the ER, including seeing a doctor.

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