Sunday, July 13, 2003

GS Camp

Stardate 56071.3 (7-13-2003)

Karl Malone leaving the Jazz did not surprise me. I expected it after John Stockton retired. His going to the L.A. Lakers did surprise me. But let's face it, in the years he has left to play in the NBA, I don't think the Jazz will have a championship team. If Karl wants the ring, then he should go. Better that then staying here where he doesn't want to be. I could have been spared the word for word conversation a tearful Larry Miller related to the press.

April dropped Rachel off at Girl Scout camp on Wednesday, and she said Rachel was not happy about it. I picked up Rachel Saturday morning.  She saw me and started to cry. Everyone asked her why, and she finally said she did not want to leave. She talked about it the whole way back from Park City. She learned how to do different knots, how to make a campfire, and lots of other skills I would like her to have.

I read an interview  Jonathon Frakes gave in Trek Today. He stated that the franchised was being ruined by all the TV series, and blamed Nemesis tanking in the theaters on that fact. He also stated that DS9 and Voyager did not measure up to TNG.  I imagine a number of fans would take issue with that. I personally like each series for different merits. With a couple of exceptions, the first two season of TNG were not all that good.  On the other hand, he said the crew would come back for another shot if asked. This is in contrast to an interview with Patrick Stewart who stated he has finished with the character of Jean-Luc Picard.

April picked up issue 145 of Star Trek: Communicator for me. I didn't like this magazine as much as Star Trek: The Magazine, because that one had much more treknology in it. However, the editor, Larry Nemecek, wrote that in order to cut down confusion with their now-departed friendly rival, Communicator will change it's name to Star Trek Magazine. And even better, they are adding a new column called Fleet File. I'll have to keep an eye on this, especially since the other has gone to the land of Perpetual Destitution. 

The testing over the weekend went all wrong. A couple of updates I did to the server program caused it to crash. This is normally not a big deal, since this is one of the things the testing is designed to uncover. But combine that with getting knocked off the dialup and locked out of the Windows server, then the frustration sets in. Add the fact that the amount of data to test has grown so the full thing takes 16 hours, and I nearly lost it. I'm still working on the full test now.

To end on a happier and somewhat related note, I am once again in contact with Master Zog. He returned an email after many years of leading me to believe he had run afoul of a temporal anomaly. It relates to the last paragraph because it was he who cursed (he always says the word is 'hired') with the job I have now. Contact with him is always interesting. He wrote to say he liked the web site. My reply was 'It's an ongoing project. Half my time is spent on it, and half on the Operations site for the USS Ticonderoga. And due to a accident with the transporters during a beam up with an away mission in constant search of beryllium spheres which involved spilling a cup of tea (Earl Grey, hot) on some bioneural gel packs, there is another half of me to give a prompt "Aye, sir" to Captain Stark when he wants the main site updated." The trick is to pack as many different genre references in as possible.

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