Monday, July 21, 2003

Disney Cruise

Stardate 56072.1 (7-21-2003)

I finally finished the script for the Visitors page. It was somewhat weird. The script worked fine on my machine, but when I tried it on the site, it refused to work correctly. I took out most of the regular expression syntax it was using to parse the lines in the log. I gradually added the rest of the expression, until it was back to the original. It worked fine. I have yet to figure out why this did not work in the first place.

It's been triple digit temperatures the last week and a half. The swamp cooler does not keep up when it gets this hot. I hope to have central air by next year. I have a hard time sleeping at night, because the house does not cool down until about 3 or 4 in the morning. 

I watched a helicopter tow something back and forth over the burned area near Farmington canyon and Francis peak. I was not sure what they were doing. The fire was started by some man wanting to go to jail. The Standard-Examiner ran a story about his family saying he had mental problems. I think every time I pass by, "well, DUH".  I don't normally use the phrase, but in this case it fits.

Rachel and my sister are coming back from a Caribbean cruise tonight. She sent us an email while she was gone, and she now thinks a cruise ship is the best way to travel. I hope to get some pictures so I can add a new scrapbook. (I did.)

I was the bearer of sad news today. Walter "Matt" Jefferies, the man who designed the Enterprise for the original series, passed away today. I would be grateful to see a mention of it in the paper tomorrow. Matt, I hope you knew how you inspired generations of fans to boldly go where no one has gone before.

I am thinking of added a Projects page. I keep thinking of new things, and this would help me remember them. For example, I was thinking a calendar marked with the dates of the log files would be a good idea. That would solve the problem of the increasing number of log entries running off the menu.  Of course, the projects page would need to have some way of adding to it from wherever I am. So the projects page turns into a project in and of itself.

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