Sunday, January 17, 2010

Long Time

Yes, it has been a long time since the last post. I think I just lost interest in blogging. I’ve read ‘Pragmatic Learning and Thinking’ by Andy Hunt, and he encourages blogging as a good exercise for the brain and I agree.
I now intend to catch up. April started looking for a new job as a lab director last summer. She had a few offers, and decided to take an assistant director position in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. They were pretty good about letting her finish up with school and waiting until December to start.

The big problem with this for me was finding a new job. My current job at the time would not allow me to work remotely. I decided the first place to look was my last employer, since they have many people working remotely. Lo and behold, my old position was posted. I applied and was contacted in a day. I explained the circumstances, and they had no issue with it. They now have people working all over the world (my orientation was shared with people in the UK, Germany, and Russia), so this is a good fit.

April found a place to live and moved to Scottsbluff in December. She came back for Christmas, but is living there alone until the kids finish school for the year. We looked at the schools (the parochial school only goes to the sixth grade, and both Rachel and Patrick are beyond that now), and they are ok. Rachel did a tour of the high school, and liked it.

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