Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Rachel went to Barnes and Noble bookstore with April to get a book last August. A guy was outside giving away Schnauzer puppies. Se convinced me over the cell phone to let her have one. The kids named her Becca. She’s somewhat stubborn, and as a puppy she is into everything. About a week and a half after getting her, she got into some weeds and had burrs all over that buried themselves in her fur. We had to have her shaved almost bald to get all of them out.

She has learned much since then, although she still sneaks into Thomas’s room to get stuffed animals to play with. Leo is his tolerant self, which is kind of amazing considering she likes to jump in his face and bite his nose. She does get into trouble with him, usually because she tried to run in front of him and despite his best efforts to avoid her, he steps on her.

With winter, I discovered she is a snow magnet. Her fur is long and stringy, and the snow just clumps on it. I took the dogs for a walk one day, and her legs were so covered she could barely walk.

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