Thursday, February 01, 2007


Stardate 60020.1
Erica is reading 'The Winter King' by Bernard Cornwall. It looks interesting, so I might pick it up at the library. I've read almost all of his 'Richard Sharpe' series (although I have yet to watch the BBC movie that I have), and I really liked them. It's a little ironic that we do a Jeopardy game at work, and the final jeopardy question a week ago was about Aurthur. I didn't get it. The clue had references to a story written in 600 AD, and Monty Python starts in 932 AD, so I over-analyzed and missed. The Battle of Baden Hill is on Barbarian Invasion, and it took place in 399 AD, so I had plenty of information to get it right.

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Matt said...

What is this Bernard Cornwall person and what kind of books does he write?

I have been reading Edgar Rice Burroughs "Barsoom" series. I have really been enjoying it.

TMadden said...

Actually, it's Bernard Cornwell, and he writes historical fiction. 'The Last Kingdom' is about a Saxon boy captured by the Danes in the mid ninth century. I'm about halfway through it.

He's written about Arthur, and he has a series on the American Civil war. I haven't read these.

I have read almost all the 'Richard Sharpe' series, about an English soldier in the Napoleonic Wars. The BBC made a series out of the books starring Sean Bean. Sean also played the crazy IRA terrorist opposite Harrison Ford in "Patriot Games", and Boramir in "The Fellowship of the Ring".

TMadden said...

Bernard Cornwell