Saturday, December 30, 2006

Some odds and ends

Stardate 60123.0
Just catching up on some things. Rachel had a slumber party for her
birthday; although it was on the 22nd instead of the 21st. April was in
charge of that, as I was taking my dad out to dinner for HIS birthday. We
managed to get the boys to stay with friends of theirs. The party therefore
went well.

Rachel’s actual birthday was overshadowed by school and Patrick having a
double-header in soccer. We managed to go to Cracker Barrel before he
needed to head up to Ogden. Rachel was thrilled to be delivering treats to
school on her ‘real’ birthday. To this point, she has always been out of
school by this time. April had planned on those candy-cane bagel
look-alikes, but someone else beat us to it. She was still happy to be able
to do something on the day.

There were two soccer games on Thursday, one Saturday morning, and one on
Tuesday night. The team has won them all. Patrick scored the winning goal
from defense Saturday, running up to kick back one from the other teams’
defense and keeping it to score with. That was with 40 seconds left in the
game. If there had been 43 seconds, the other team would have tied the
game; they were so intent on getting another goal. There are two new
players, Geordi (not sure if that’s how his name is spelled) started
Saturday and Carlos started Tuesday. Good players, but what impresses me is
they get a good passing game going with the whole team.

Christmas Eve we went to the Ogden city lights. I think we need to find another place to go, because the kids kept telling us they saw all of this last year. I hear Roy has an impressive set.

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