Saturday, December 16, 2006

Journey to Bethlehem

Stardate 60121.6
Patrick had a busy Saturday. There was a 7:45 AM soccer game, which they lost. They don’t seem to be playing as aggressively as they were in the beginning. I think they are getting tired again. There was also a game at 8 PM on Thursday, with much the same results. After the game, he went to Salt Lake for two birthday parties, one at Laser Quest, and the other at Chuck E. Cheeses in Sandy. The Laser Quest place was pretty cool, better than most places I have been to.

Sunday we went to Journey to Bethlehem at the Baptist Church off highway 193 in Layton. I was expecting something you just walked through on your own, but it was a full fledged play. You are guided through sets inside and outside the church as part of a ‘family’ traveling to Bethlehem. There are people Hebrew and Roman costumes. Everyone going through is given a passport with a period name, and they must show it to various Roman authorities. It was snowing pretty good by the time we went, but that did not detract from the fun.

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