Friday, October 27, 2006

Everything Must Go!

Stardate 60102.7
Often, I drive by the Shag-Rug-La store on 35th South and Bangerter. They are or already have moved, and there is a sign that says "Moving, Everything Must Go!". My brain latches on to that for some reason. I know it means they want as much sold as possible before they move. But a voice in my head insists that's not what it says. So this list of possible meanings runs through my head.

1. They are moving everything, and asking for help.
2. Everything is moving, and therefore it has to go.
3. Alternate meaning for go: They have to use the bathroom before moving.
4. They are in motion, and everthing is on the go.

Then I wonder if this thought process is a result of my profession (software development), or my profession is a result of my having thought processes like this.

I know, strange.

Computer programs do what they are told to do, not what they are supposed to do or what you want them to do.

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