Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Patrick's First Communion

Stardate 59053.0
Not to sound like a malcontent in the last post. It was a little rant. I just get riled by the constant diatribe on how our children are not getting a good education and failing all over. I don’t see a solution proposed in any of these finger-pointing. Of course, the solutions are as varied as the students.

First Communion for Patrick went very well. April’s brother Ric flew out, and we took him to the Golden Spike Monument on Saturday. The weather turned cold, but we stayed long enough to see one of the locomotives steam back and forth. Sunday we went to brunch as Snowbasin. It was snowing there, so we were the only ones there for most of it. On to the mass at St. Rose of Lima. Patrick managed to hold on to his smart mouth, and did well. We had a small party at our house afterwards. We originally planned to have it outside under our new patio, but as I said, the weather turned cold. You can’t control that, so we moved indoors.

Monday we took Ric to Timpanogas Cave. He found it on the Internet, and wanted to go. We explained that yeah, the hike was only a mile and a half, but it also went up 1000 feet. I don’t think he quite got that until he started up. The ranger that guided us through was a little surly. The cave itself seemed a little smaller than I last remembered.

The patio was a project started in March. The contractor estimated a week to do it, but due to problems with his truck, a lot of rain, and some other things it got finished last week. It’s pretty impressive, and although I will go on record as being not enthusiastic about it, I like it now. April has plans for a baby shower for a coworker.

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