Monday, February 13, 2006

No Fencing

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Patrick decided he did not want to do fencing last Wednesday, so I was free to go to a Ticonderoga meeting. That was fun, and I like having it on Wednesday. That was also the day a few contractors were scheduled to come out. One is for building an overhang for the patio in back. He’s anxious to start, but we are still thinking about it. Another came to look at the door in back. We haven’t heard back from him.

I got pulled in to help another project at the end of the week. I didn’t do much other than to point out the tests were being run in Salt Lake against a server in Minnesota. That’s why they were taking 10+ hours to run. I managed to find some alternatives, and it got done. I met my new boss as well. I think he’s a little nervous that the team is averaging a new manager every three months lately. I guess we are a lot like herding cats.

Saturday Thomas’s game wasn’t until 9:45 AM, so I got to sleep in a bit. We were going to miss Rachel’s game, but a friend offered to take her to the Weber State Women’s basketball game, so she played. I missed Patrick’s game to go and get her. She was not happy about playing, but I heard she did much better, and was in a good mood by the end of her game. She spent the evening with her friends, which helped her mood. She talked non-stop after I picked her up. She had a few disappointments over the week, and I think some of them bother her more than she wants to admit. Unfortunately, she is like me, and refuses to talk about it.

We also had a guy come out to give an estimate on the kids’ bathroom floor. The laminate is cracking and coming up around the edges. I thought it was amusing that I need to remove the toilet. The flooring guys are not allowed to do that, since that would be plumbing and requires a different contractor. No big deal unless the bolts are rusted on, which after ten years is a good possibility.

Patrick also figured out that the laptop can play Battlefield: 1942, so he, Thomas, and I can play at the same time. LAN parties with his friends can't be far off.

Sunday I took the kids to see “The Pink Panther” remake/prequel. It was pretty faithful to the original, with much of the same slapstick comedy. I was pleased they kept the Mancini theme. Cartoon Network ran the Pink Panther cartoons on Saturday, and one announcement said this was the cartoon with the coolest theme music. I’ve always liked it. Steve Martin did a good job, as the trailers show. The pacing changed toward the end and Clouseau become almost competent, although he started bumbling at the end. Kevin Kline seems a very evil Dreyfus, and Thomas asked me several times if he was the bad guy. No, but his motives were not as good as Clouseau. I thought it was a good movie, and if you liked the Blake Edwards/Peter Sellers version, you should like this.

Weight: 195 lbs. Not good. I need to eat better.

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