Friday, August 01, 2003

Slanted Fedora Convention

Stardate 56080.1 (8-01-2003)
I wrote up last weeks log entry, but never got around to posting it. So I will be posting two (this one and 56072.5) in one day. 

The convention was fun. It's the first time I've gone to one where I knew more than just one person. And it's the first one I've been to since StarFest 2000. The costumes were great. I loved the play Robert Picardo and Ethan Phillips put on. Ethan went off the script a number of times, and Robert playfully slapped him for it. It may have been part of the act, but it was good all the same. My only disappointment was that I could not get a personalized photo with the two of them. Their plane was delayed in Las Vegas, so they had to skip doing that. I did chat with Robert in the bathroom.
The pictures from the convention seem to be popular. At least the number of hits was up this last week
The Borg is Eric Allan Hall
The Starfleet officier is Brady

Ray Meyer

About half the week I was sick, so there is not much else to write. I didn't get any further with anything. The need to get a calendar system for the logs is growing with the number of entries. When I started doing this, I was not sure if I would keep it up. But I find that I enjoy it.

Well, I guess two entries is good, considering how short this one is.

End of Entry

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